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16Lao is a global navigation network, and it is also the only navigation network that serves all the countries of the world.It supports 18 languages, and brings together all global main websites. What's more, it builds sites in 240 countries(including the special areas) and even the extremely cold Antarctic also has independent website. 16Lao navigation network nearly covers all the world and links with 258 golbal websites.

Legal Statement

General Statement

Welcome to! By using 16Lao service, you agree to the following conditions. Please read them carefully. Users of 16Lao service are completely subject to all the clauses/conditions in this statement and announcement updated on our website of Users are supposed to abide by related Internet laws, terms and principles applicable to the 16Lao service. Our website welcomes and respects every user, but we will not accept those who do not agree with the said terms, principles and laws.

16Lao reserves the right to correct, revise, update and/or amend these conditions. If you continue to use 16Lao service after amendments, then you are considered to have known, accepted and agreed with the new edition of these conditions. 16Lao holds the right to revise and explain these conditions. In no case should anyone be allowed to revise these conditions without written permission from 16Lao.

Copyright statement

16Lao attaches great importance to protect intellectual property rights, abides by related laws and regulatory principles. If any content in the links on 16Lao website infringes upon any copyright holder, the holder could send copyright statement to 16Lao via email at The copyright announcement should include:

1) ID verification paperwork and method to contact the copyright holder;

2) Ownership verification paperwork;

3) URL that infringes the copyright;

4) Verification for details of infringement.

The holder must guarantee that the content in the copyright statement is authentic, accurate, adequate and complete. The holder would bear legal liability if the content is not authentic or partially authentic.

16Lao would remove all the contents related with infringement and forbid the URL based on local laws, principles, and regulatory documents on the reception of the copyright statement.

No one would be allowed to use any resources on 16Lao website without permission from 16Lao. The user would bear legal liability if any dispute rises due to his or her illegal behavior.

16Lao reserves all the intellectual property rights related to the contents, including but not limited to products and services by 16Lao or under cooperation with other companies.

Privacy Protection Statement

16Lao would collect data when you use our services. We use the personal information collected to provide and improve our services and/or products, as well as provide you with a personalized experience on our site.

16Lao attaches great importance to personal information and privacy. This Privacy Protection Statement would give an explanation on how 16Lao collects and uses your personal information.

When you explore 16Lao webpages, 16Lao server would automatically save information on your explorer and computer, including but not limited to your IP address, your explorer version, the language you use, date and time, information about your hardware and software, and browsing history. 16Lao would set cookies on your computer so that you could log in or use related services more conveniently. You have the right to use or reject cookies. If you choose to reject, you may not completely experience all the services we provide.

In no case 16Lao would release your personal information without your permission except the following situations:

1) You have authorized or permitted 16Lao to release your information;

2) If it is necessary to execute 16Lao service terms;

3) If it is necessary to protect 16Lao website, other users and legitimate rights of the public;

4) If it is requested in accordance with legal procedure by related laws and regulations, judicial departments, and government agencies.

To strictly protect your personal information, 16Lao would perfect related systems, security technology and procedures to ensure that your personal information would not be visited, used or released without your authorization.

16Lao will update this statement at intervals. Please pay attention to our revision announcement.


Before using 16Lao website, every user should carefully read these conditions. Upon using, you are considered that you have completely agreed with and accepted the conditions.

1) 16Lao does not make any direct, indirect, legal and conventional guarantee for your use of our website, related contents and services, or websites that link to our website. 16Lao does not guarantee for the accuracy, promptness, completeness, authenticity of any contents on our website, as well as any consequence resulting from using the said contents.

2) Under any circumstances (including but not limited to carelessness), you shall bear the liability for the damage and loss (including direct, indirect, special or consequential damage and loss, such as the loss of your income or profit, computer system damage, or the data loss in your computer, etc.) attributed to using contents on or linked to our website and linkages provided by our website.

3) 16Lao does not guarantee the stability of website server and network and the final effect. 16Lao also does not guarantee that you could browse, read and use our website at any time, and that our website would not be disturbed or dysfunctional. We would consider that you have accepted that you would be responsible for any loss caused by accidental network interrupt, suspension of operation or transmission, computer virus, network dysfunction, unauthorized browsing, etc.

4) You should ensure that your 16Lao account and password would not be hacked, and take full responsibility for any activities operated under your account and password. You agree that a) you would inform 16Lao immediately when you notice that your account and password have been hacked or that any security regulation has been violated; b) you should ensure to log out through correct operation steps. 16Lao would and could not take responsibility for your loss and damage should you not abide by our operation steps. Besides, you should understand that it would take time for 16lao to deal with your requests, and 16Lao would not take any responsibility for any outcome (including but not limited to any of your loss) that has occurred right before handling your requests.

5) You agree to make compensations for the loss of 16Lao website when the third party conducts prosecution or demands 16Lao compensations because you are against the copyright statement of 16Lao, or other laws and regulations.